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#6 - Seven Brightest Stars in Ursa Major - KeyMin

Title: Seven Brightest Stars in Ursa Major
Author: taecyeon
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Key/Taemin
Fandom: SHINee
Word Count: 215
Disclaimer: Pure fiction, I am proud to say I'm not SM and I do not own any part of these boys.
Author notes: To make up for the pervyness of the last fic, here's some pure fluff!

"There's got to be others out there," Taemin whispered, eyes burning into the stars, "there's got to be a bazillion people that exist..."

Key blinked, glancing over at Taemin - his lips were formed into a concentrated pout and Key tried his best to stay still or else he'd be tempted to steal a kiss.

"All those people... out of all those people, how do people find their matches? Like our parents, manager-hyung and his wife, and---"

"Because... sometimes," Key began, a soft smile overtaking his face as he turned on his side, the shillings of the roof cold against his arm, "people just know. When you find the person you always want to be with... it's natural. Like the big dipper... you just know the stars will always form that way, and you'll know that you always want to be with that person."

Taemin nodded, looking up at Key, his head tilted to the side. "So when you find them, you'll feel natural around them? Like all the stars in the big dipper..."


"Hyung..." Taemin started, but he decided words weren't needed; that bringing their lips together would be the most natural thing, because the way that they fit like puzzle pieces... seemed a lot like the seven stars in the Ursa Major.


So... D: If I started taking requests, would anybody request anything? o.o
Tags: !as seen on crankthatbatman, #this is fanfic, [music] shinee, [pairings] keymin
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