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#5 - Behind Closed... Stalls? - JongMin

Title: Behind Closed... Stalls? (Alternatively: In Which Jonghyun Attempts to Keep Secrets from Key and Fails)
Author: taecyeon
Rating: R
Genre: Crack? Humor.
Pairing: Jonghyun/Taemin, ft. Key
Fandom: SHINee
Word Count: 261
Dedicated: to sophiaplease because I said I'd write her a story. :) and, wth, hyunnie_x because she's the whole reason I like this pariring~ :D
Disclaimer: Pure fiction, I am proud to say I'm not SM and I do not own any part of these boys.
Author notes: ...HAHAHAHA. Laugh? Hopefully? ♥ thanks, buhuiai for beta'ing again! Btw, it's AU! :D

"Are you high? Have you been doing drugs?" Kibum asked, holding Jonghyun's face in his hands to examine it. "All the common signs... goofy grin, glazed eyes, and---oh god! You smoked pot when you went to the bathroom!!"

"A-Aish, no!" Jonghyun jerked away, going back to picking at his lunch. "Did your mom pack some fruit for me, too?"

"Don't change the subject!"

"Fine," Jonghyun sighed, munching on a strawberry that he'd stolen from Kibum just then, "I went to see someone."

"Were you having sex?! Oh my god, Jonghyun---"

"No! Shut up!" Sometimes it was hard having a friend like Kibum, Jonghyun thought. He waited just a few more minutes to increase suspense, watching Kibum scoot closer to the edge of his seat as time passed.

Finally, he swallowed the mush of strawberry in his mouth, ready to talk. "He's a year nine, skipped a grade. Cute little bowl cut..."

Kibum's eyes shot open wide like a deer in headlights and locked onto Jonghyun's red face. "Lee Taemin?! The fifteen year old?! What... What did you do...?"

"I didn't do anything," Jonghyun's lips curved into a smirk as he spoke, "Boy's good with his mouth. I'm still tingling."

It was funny how Kibum pretended to gag, Jonghyun thought, watching Kibum hold his face to avoid his eyes. "Oh god... he gave you a blowjob in the bathroom?!"

"Three days in a row. I think I'll ask him to be my boyfriend," Jonghyun stole another strawberry and Kibum didn't even notice.

"Oh wow... really? When?"

"After he swallows."

"You're a dick."
Tags: !as seen on crankthatbatman, #this is fanfic, [music] shinee, [pairings] jongmin
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