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You're loveable from head to toe

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For anything and everything.
One day, a thought occured. "We should make our own community..."
. . . After much arguing and things tossed around, a name was finally decided.
Why sarangseurowo?
Simply because, who doesn't love that song?

What can I expect from this community?
Everything from icons to blogcrews, fiction to fanart. You name it, we'll have it.

It's a place that everyone can enjoy, from any fandom, because both mods aim to please. We hope that anyone will feel free to join, but we'll still keep posts un-locked. + 사랑해 +
Tamra . . .
l o v i n g
F.T Island, Super Junior, SHINee, U-KISS, BIGBANG, Epik High, Fahrenheit, Danson, uljjangs [too many to list], various horror movies, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, the Jonas Brothers, political humor, Batman, Transformers, e t c

. . . is here
. + crankthatbatman +
Kaidel . . .
l o v i n g
NewS, Super Junior, F.T island, Wicked, Tegomass, Kanjani8, DBSK, Fahrenheit, marching band, Twilight, Scrubs, Rihanna, Mia, crack, Panic at the Disco, Aya Matsuura, Berryz, the Dark Knight, Leonardo Dicaprio, e t c

. . .is here
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