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27 September 2008 @ 02:33 pm
I'm feeling all superhuman, [claim here] did that to me . . .
. . . a s u p e r h u m a n heart beats in me.
Nothing can stop me here with you.

Based on this song. ;D

1. First come, first serve.
2. Two claims her user, five users per claim.
3. I'm claiming Lee Hongki and Lee Taemin, so they have an extra spot.
4. Everyone from anywhere is open, but no animanga characters. Let's keep it as real as possible.
5. Please include their full name and band or solo of so. (example: Lee Hongki of F.T Island or Solo artist SE7EN).
6. Put "Superhuman" in the subject of the comment. It lets me know you read the rules, and helps my inbox. ♥
7. Don't take the code until you're approved!
8. When the name is in red, it's full.
9. Because I am nice, my personal friends (and whoever is on my f-list as of 9/27/08) can whoever they like, unlimited number and regardless of how many people have claimed.

claims + code are hereCollapse )

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26 September 2008 @ 04:14 pm
taecyeon here, making a formal introduction. Yo, yooh ah so gohjus~. So, this place was kinda my idea, Kaidel may tell you otherwise. So, that means I'm Tamra, and buhuiai is Kaidel, just for future reference.

And so this doesn't seem completely pointless, here's a really random icon dump. :D Let it be known that I'm pretty damn subtle with my icons... no one will probably like them u_u;; I don't like putting text on them too often, or killing them with a lot of textures so they're just kind of... plain.

Super Junior
1-6 Kim Heechul
7-7 Lee Sungmin

1-3 Choi Minho
4-6 Kim Jonghyun
7-12 SHINee

1-2 Kevin Woo
3-5 U-KISS

Total: 24 icons

say it ain't so D:Collapse )

I'll make a resources post later. And I don't think we'll need a how to credit post, since I figure everyone's smart enough to credit. You know, taecyeon @ sarangseurowo, or just my LJ or the comm LJ, whatever works. @_@;

Join for more? ㅠ_ㅠ
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