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#4 Perfect Moments - JongKey

Title: Perfect Moments
Author: taecyeon
Rating: R
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Jonghyun/Key
Fandom: SHINee
Word Count: 382
Disclaimer: Pure fiction, I am proud to say I'm not SM and I do not own any part of these boys.
Author notes: SUBTLE!SEX, haha. >>; I kind of like this. edit: beta'd by buhuiai u_u

It was absolutely thrilling, the feeling of we're-not-supposed-to-be-doing-this and but-it-feels-so-right that came together whenever you were with him. You both knew it was wrong, which made it that much more exciting. It seemed to have started all those years ago when you first met him, but it's been so long that you can't pinpoint the exact moment.

But you do remember the first time that you realized it. Just last year, you were all trainees preparing for your debut. And one day, he'd pulled you into a cleaning closet and before you could ask questions or get a word in, his lips crashed on top of yours like a violent car crash in a calm field - the perfect moment.

Followed by thousands of perfect moments.

Like the day of your debut, when your body was shaking with nervousness and he pulled you against his chest, whispering "I love you" for the first time, as quiet as a pin dropping and glorious as a choir of angels.

Or when Onew plopped himself between both of you on the couch with a smug expression. You could see the boy on the other side knit his eyebrows together when Onew asked what you were doing and why he was so mad. And with that I-really-wish-you-would-die-right-now voice, he replied: "I wanted to make out with my boyfriend."

Or, especially, the night that your album dropped and he went over to the bedroom door to lock it with the devil's grin plastered on his godly white face. "How about we celebrate," he said - but it was more of a command rather than a request - as he looked at you with those sexy, lust-filled eyes. And before you know it, you'd collapsed on top of him, face buried in the crook of his neck. He brought a lazy hand up to brush your sweat-soaked hair back, breath hot against your skin. "Let's get married one day, Jonghyun..." he whispered, kissing the side of your head. And... even though you both knew it was impossible, there was something so thrilling about the whole let's-do-it-anyway attitude that he had, and the fact that you were way too intoxicated by all of those "perfect moments" colliding together, that you couldn't do anything but agree.

And that was that.
Tags: !as seen on crankthatbatman, #this is fanfic, [music] shinee, [pairings] jongkey
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