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#2 - Tune out - JongKey drabble

Title: Tune Out
Author: taecyeon
Rating: G
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Jonghyun/Key
Fandom: SHINee
Word Count: 230
Disclaimer: Pure fiction, I am proud to say I'm not SM and I do not own any part of these boys.
Author notes: I haven't seen many "reality" fics so~ I tried. P.S. ... I hate this portrayal of Onew :(! First SHINee fic, go easy on me T___T

Key tried to tune out reality as well as he could. In his head, the world was perfect. Work wasn't so tiresome and he enjoyed it; Onew was the carefree leader that promotions showed and he never lost his smile or got angry, and couldn't hold seriousness to save his life.

And there was Jonghyun. Every smile he flashed was for Key, and Key only. There was no need for hushed whispers and secret visits. They could share their love with the world because everyone would congratulate them and there was never, ever anything to worry about.

But the world wasn't perfect.

Work ruled their lives. There was little time for anything else - Key really didn't understand how Taemin managed school and SHINee but he did - and the little bit of free time that Key did get couldn't be spent with Jonghyun anymore once Onew found out.

"You're being selfish! Don't you know if Lee Sooman finds out, we're all in serious trouble? We could disband! You're really heartless, Kim Kibum." And after that, their "carefree" leader banned Jonghyun and Key from being together.

This was the reality Key tried to tune out, staring at the wall with a blank expression every night, dreaming about his "perfect" world because if he turned around, he'd break down.

How come the things closest to us always seem the furthest away?
Tags: !as seen on crankthatbatman, #this is fanfic, [music] shinee, [pairings] jongkey
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T_T this is so heart-breaking...
You have no idea how much I sadfaced writing it ㅠ_ㅠ
How come the things closest to us always seem the furthest away?

how things would work if they were ever together...
They are meant to be, no lie.
DDD: I still need to get myself deeper into SHINee fandom.
I gladly accept link for vids&other stuff ;w;/
Once you're in deep enough... there's no coming back.
You've been warned.
shineesubs on youtube is great ;D
i know XDDDD
still, can't help myself >:
sankyuu~~ you saved my life :DDDDD <3

No problem <3~

Deleted comment

Omg *___*
You are awesome, def. ♥
...BAHAHA. Yes. That's a good way to tune our reality >:|

Deleted comment

...Touche ;P

I don't really like OnKey. :x Differences, differences~
that comment made me LOL like crazy ^^

and aweeesome, supaahhchiinkk :)

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You just broke my heart.
*fixes* T_T <3
*flails* AWWWWWWWWWW. :(
i love your fic <3
~AW~ Poor Key! Sometimes I see performances where they just look so TIRED and I feel horrible for them! This is so heartbreakingly believeable!
I've been searching for sort of reality based jongkey fic and found one now! I'm a big fan on series and you can count oneshots I've read with one hands fingers. However I read this one and gaah it's so sad yet so perfect. ;; It feels so true..